Eco – Housing Concepts

The term eco – housing means environment friendly and energy efficient buildings, sustainable construction practices and healthy and productive indoor environment with lower natural resources use.

Eco – housing assumes significance because it effectively addresses issues related to sustainable development and it will help reduce the load on municipal infrastructure including water supply, wastewater treatment and solid waste management. Eco – housing programme supports long term sustainability of environment friendly and energy efficient housing. Eco – housing activity is also a showcase alliance which has helped unite the diverse resources including technology and intellectual property rights, market creation, best practices, policy influence, in country networks and expertise in development programs. Together the combination of complementary assets has encouraged innovative approaches, more effective problem solving and deeper impact. Eco – housing is an innovative approach towards conservation that will help free resources for investment in other sectors.

Eco-Housing will save money by conserving electricity and water, save time through low maintenance, improve health by reducing exposure to synthetic chemicals, solid waste management and help to preserve the environment in the process. They are characterized here as homes that incorporate Alternative or Appropriate Technology (e.g. solar water heating, solar wind hybrid for lighting) in order to greatly reduce the impact on environment.