SBTC Brochure ( 1.25 mb)

The Sustainable Building Technology Centre (SBTC) will be established by Science and Technology Park (STP). This centre will be a public-private partnership project.

The Sustainable Building Technology Centre (SBTC) will be the first in South and South East Asia for showcasing, promotion and demonstration of ‘energy and resources efficient’ building technologies.

Focus Area

Energy conservation and management, Eco friendly and innovative building materials and technologies, Water conservation and management, Land use ,biodiversity and ecology, Health and well being, transport, Pollution (soil, water, air) , solid waste management , waste water treatment and Passive architectural designs.

Key Objectives

  1. Scale up sustainable building technology themes.
  2. Encourage entrepreneurship in sustainable building technology and material manufacture.
  3. Establish a process for continuous improvements in built environment.

Opportunities for Stakeholder Participation

The Sustainable Building Technology Centre (SBTC) will provide stakeholders along the construction supply chain with a platform to:

  1. Showcase energy efficient and eco-friendly technologies/products.
  2. Access a wide range of new technologies and reliable independent consultants.
  3. Understand the working and cost benefits of new technologies.
  4. Conduct new product launches, technical screening and capacity building activities
  5. Incubate sustainable building technologies.
  6. Interact with technology providers on new product development or enhancement ideas.
  7. Share government’s initiative in the built environment industry.
  8. Create a consensus-led urban development.

Private Sectors Partnership

The partnership invites:

  1. Collaborators in showcasing construction practices and products.
  2. Support for developing the center’s infrastructure.
  3. Participation in the permanent /short term exhibition of technology, products and services.

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